Areca leaf Tableware, an eco-friendly alternative to conventional disposable Tableware. These biodegradable areca leaf Tableware are a natural resource. Areca Leaf are naturally discarded from the areca tree, are collected and no trees are cut

  • We create best quality eco areca leaf tableware through our unique product life cycle.
  • Our products are manufactured from fallen dry sheaths of Areca (Betel) nut trees.
  • The areca sheath when dried will fall from the tree and it is collected from the farms fresh and used for making products.
  • These dry Areca Leaf Sheaths are soaked in water and thoroughly cleaned.

  • The leaves are so arranged as to drain the water.
  • These leaves are then pressed in the moulds of various sizes and attractive designs according to the demand-requirements.
  • Our entire product range is highly durable and reliable in nature and is well-tested before the final delivery.

  • Perfect for every occasion. Plates can be used in any occasion like parties, buffets, picnics, outdoor catering, functions, food-joint, and temples.
  • We are only making them into attractive shapes to meet the different customer requirements.


The products are completely hygienic and safe and the following tests can be done.

Health and Safety Testing:

Atnaerobic Plate Count:

      • Test: Coli form and Yeast/Mold testing
      • Explanation: The products are sanitary for immediate use out of the package

Phyto Sanitation:

      • Test: Before shipping, the container is fumigated and tested for safety. To be exported, the test must be passed.
      • Explanation: Plant material is safe for contact with food.


  • Eco-friendly, 100% Bio-degradable, Compostable and Disposable.
  • No chop down of trees, naturally fallen leaves are collected and turned to value added products. Waste to wealth concept.
  • No Chemicals, bleaching, PE (Poly Ethylene) coating, Wax coating at any stage.
  • Light weight, sturdy and non-crushable and reasonably priced.
  • Microwave & Refrigerator safe.
  • Holds liquid items for 4 hours without leakage. Good for hot, wet and cool food items


  • Food plates thrown after eating will be naturally degraded within 60 days of time like any plant matter.
  • Manufacturing waste of Areca sheaths will be used for vermin compost, dry fodder for animals, bio-fuel bricks.